Thriller, Novel, Book, Trilogy, Bestseller, Fine Art Market


(The Brian Duffy series)

by Bruce Cairnduff


In 1945, two young Nazi officers exchange a collection of stolen works of art for safe passage out of post-war Europe.

Sixty years later, one of the paintings is offered for sale in a London auction, threatening to expose a secretive and powerful criminal organisation.

A wealthy American art collector is murdered to protect the identity of the organisation’s benefactors, and wine auctioneer Brian Duffy is wrongly accused. To prove his innocence and identify the guilty, he must unravel the history of the obscure painting and reveal its true provenance.

The trail leads from London to New York and Provence in the South of France. In his search for the truth, Brian must stay ahead of an obsessive detective from New Scotland Yard and a gang of ruthless killers who have been hired to stop him.

Against such overwhelming odds it seems unlikely that he will prevail, or even live to admit defeat. But sometimes a glimmer of hope can lead to the most improbable outcome.

PROVENANCE is a contemporary thriller set in the highly-lucrative fine art market. The story features historically-accurate stolen artworks, and the final plot twist involves a fictional interpretation of the art-world’s most famous and audacious robbery.

PROVENANCE is the first book in a trilogy featuring Brian Duffy; the second book in the series –
NOBLE ROT – will be available soon.
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